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Let Us Die Young, Or Let Us Live Forever

Selfie.. Just cause💕😍😘💋 #puertorican #boricua #puertoricangirl #selfie #ptvshirt #ptv #naturalhair #nomakeup #sunday

I remember working on this my freshman year.. Now it’s my Junior year and they freaken painted over it 😫😩😑 #adventuretime #painting #jake #finn #finnandjake #babyadventuretime #babyfinnandjake

Perfect day<3 82 degrees out and it feels good!

Lololololol I freaken love this kid xD

Perfect s’more 👌 I guess all those camping trips came in handy(;

13 years without you, 13 years this little girl has suffered without her angel. So many years and the pain gets worst! I wish that you where still hear so I could sit next to you, and be grandpa’s little girl, and watch endlessly old cartoons with you. But all that stopped when I lost you, I went crazy after I lost you. People told me to stop doing the things I do that reminds me of you so I could get over the grieving process, but I don’t want to let you go yet</3 whenever I had a bad day or just want to shut off the world, I’ll sit in my room and remember the “Woody the Woodpecker” noise you would make to make me smile<3 I truly believe that you were my angel brought to protect me for a time, but when god saw that you were tired from all your battles from protecting your loved ones. I knew that he couldn’t let you suffer</3 13 years and I still cry, it never gets better.. Only worst. Nobody will understand that you were the most IMPORTANT man in my life! I love you with every fiber in me<3 R.I.P. Grandpa<3

Lml xD omg

walking-byfaithh: ♥


God made plans for me before I was even created, and blessed me with the name Yonet. He forgave a sinner, and loved her no matter what she did in her past or any of her baggage & accepted her in HIS Kingdom<3 I live for the Lord! He is my Father, One & Only True Love, Best Friend and ONE & ONLY messiah(: I'm HIS dancer, I only dance to praise the lord.

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